About Omaia


We believe that nature knows best, that pure is always better and organic is the only way to go.
I remember, ever since I was a little girl, women in my family used rose water on their skin in the morning and at night.  To the day she passed my grandmother had the most elastic and glowing skin I’ve ever seen.  I had strayed away from this family tradition until a few years ago when my work took me to a different climate and my skin did not take it well.  After sharing this with my mother, she suggested I go back to my roots and use this centuries’ old product.  In a short period, my skin became soft and supple again and I’ve been using rose water since.  This experience made me want to share this beautiful product with like-minded individuals who, like me and my family, appreciate nature and tradition. 
Our natural and organic rose water is sourced from one of the oldest distilleries in Bulgaria, located in the heart of the Rose Valley where the Rose Damascena has been grown since Roman times.  It is produced from rose flowers hand-picked early in the morning during the short blooming season, and distilled using traditional methods in copper vats.  It comes in very small limited quantities, ensuring the absolute highest of quality.
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